Mamadou Sanon (DG CBI CI) recipient of the 11th promotion MDE Business School

Mamadou Sanon (DG CBI CI) recipient of the 11th promotion MDE Business School

AMP 2021 Graduation Ceremony: MDE Business School celebrates its 11th promotion / Mr. Mamadou SANON (DG CBI CI) among the recipients.

The 11th promotion of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of MDE Business School and IESE Business School of Barcelona, ​​was honored by receiving their badges of success, on Saturday October 23, 2021 at the convention center of the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire, in the presence of friends , families and colleagues who came in large numbers for the occasion.
Among the members of this 11th promotion is Mr. Mamadou SANON Managing Director of Coris Bank International Côte d’Ivoire since March 2017.

He thanked MDE Business School / IESE for the good performance of this AMP 2021 program, both for the quality of the training received and for this wonderful adventure.. He also wanted to thank the President of the Coris Group,Mr. Idrissa NASSA, who had strongly encouraged him to do this training during his 10th class graduation ceremony.

“This program has greatly enriched my professional career. I can assure you that I don’t regret it. It was a convivial framework for exchanges, sharing of experiences, know-how, interpersonal skills and learning in governance, strategy, finance, management, personal development, operations management and leadership etc. Les cas pratiques et les échanges avec les intervenants sont riches d’enseignements et nous ont permis de transposer immédiatement les compétences acquises en situation de travail. Thus, the AMP 2021 allowed us to acquire many managerial skills, to forge strong relationships between learners to the point of forming a real Family and also to consolidate our achievements for mutual enrichment in order to positively impact our respective organizations in fine. It was a practical and lively training. » said Mr. Mamadou SANON..

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